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We quickly respond to challenges and deliver the best solutions on behalf of our clients.


Reclaim Tax South West 

Reclaim Tax South West are experts in specialist areas of tax relief, including Capital Allowances, Research & Development (R&D), Remediation of Contaminated Land, and the Patent Box. With over 10 years of experience, we have identified over £264m in tax benefit for our clients to date. Our average client benefit is £50k for Capital Allowances and £59k for R&D and the Patent Box!
 We have specialist staff dotted all over the country, so are able to help any business in any location across the UK with their tax relief claim. 
Our delivery team consists of over 100 in-house experts which include Surveyors, Tax Technicians, Accountants, Report Writers and Case Managers.

Our Mission

In today's ever-changing world, our aim is to provide our clients with a robust and efficient end to end tax relief service.

Our Approach

At Reclaim Tax South West we break down the claims process for you so all our clients need to do is provide us with some details and we’ll take care of the rest. There are no complicated forms to fill out, no legal language to unpick, and no tax law to get your head around.
Today, Reclaim Tax UK is recognised as one of the industries leading innovation consultancy.

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Our Core Values

  • Commitment to our customers
  • Large introducer network

  • South West Focused

  • Claims are indemnified for 6 years

  • Ensure our clients claims are maximised